Why Affirmations Don’t Work; 4 Things That Do

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July 10, 2020
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July 10, 2020
E xperts suggest repeating daily affirmations helps to achieve goals; but affirmations did not work for me. In addition, I felt I was making a mockery of myself because every word I was affirming was in contrast to my reality. So if you’re like me and you’ve been repeating affirmations but have yet to achieve results, don’t fret. I‘ve discovered four simple techniques to help you boost your confidence and see the results you truly desire despite your circumstances.

1. Talk to God- Place the petitions of your heart before God prior to pursing any idea.

2. Trust your intuition– Do not repeat the same prayer. God heard you! Prayer is you contacting God and Intuition is God contacting you.

3. Thank-firmations- Thank-firmations are similar to affirmations however instead already being in possession of the thing you want. Thanking God in advance for what you have yet to receive is the cultivation of faith. When we are constantly thanking and believing in God, we are connecting our minds to God, therefore co-creating our lives.

4. Tactics-Faith without works is dead. Put your faith to work TODAY, believing God is your source, making your desires your reality in His own perfect timing and way!of repeating what you would like; thank-firmations are you thanking God for

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