Change University

Enroll in Change U today to learn from a trusted Mental Health Coach who is a Certified Minority & Women Owned Business (MWBE) Enterprise in New York and New Jersey.

What You Get When You Enroll In the Change University (Change U) Course

Community Support

Become part of a nurturing support system of thriving individuals who want you to succeed.


Receive a complimentary forty-five minute (45) virtual coaching session with me. During this coaching session, we will begin creating your personalized plan to success.


The course was created by educators on the fifth-grade reading level with content from A Farewell to Welfare, and social-psychological theories. As a result, you will be able to create personalized tools and learn proven strategies to improve your self-confidence and achieve your goals.


Positive Results Guaranteed Within12 Months. Clients report seeing life-changing improvements within a year of completing the program.

Seen on Ted Talk Speaking On Change

What it’s Like Working With Elease

Well first let’s start with I figured out my actual career path! I was all over the place I was still a vet tech major. After getting diagnosed you pushed me to let my diagnosis be a mean of collateral not a disability . The course Support groups have definitely shows me there’s a lane for me and all I gotta do is put my work out there.

You challenge me to push myself to constantly be a better version or improved person; To be in alignment with our Lord and to be emotionally intelligent amidst trials. You inspire me to not give up, to yield not and to look for alternative ways of making money. Motherhood tips too. Idk list can go on…..


Meeting you transformed my life because you help me to figure out things for my self instead of giving me the answers and also help me get to the root of my issues Also letting me know that I’m never alone and god is always with me .


Enroll In Change U today to learn from a trusted mental health coach how to transmute negative thoughts to positive actions.