Table of Content

  • Section One: Start with Yourself
  • Section Two: Activate Your Faith
  • Section Three: Make This Work For You
  • Section Four: Get the Help and Support You Deserve
  • Section Five: Take Action
  • Section Six: Improve Yourself and Your Skills
  • Section Seven: Never Give Up
  • Section Eight: Reach Out and Make It Real

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  • Giovanna

    Great influence and great positive message.

    I loved this book! It was very inspirational and moving. I feel like everyone is able to relate to it in some way or another. A lot of her past experiences, I can relate to it. Her view on life and her advice makes you realize you can achieve anything and you will overcome any obstacle with guidance. I highly recommend this book. Life changer!
  • Thiha Maw

    my favourite book

    This book help me realize alot of stuff and wake me up to reality, this book is not just for women also for men that are going through similar situation and dealing with hard time in life. It's been a pleasure to meet you my favourite professor, looking forward to read more book from you until then Thank You
    Thiha Maw
  • laila

    stars I love this book and I really recommend it to everybody ...

    I love this book and I really recommend it to everybody that has a struggles in his life either financial or emotional. It also has a great inspiration that makes you move up and be a creative. I am not surprised that the book gets five starts so let's share knowledge, change lives and transform our community.
  • Yolanda Alvarez


    Very informative book written based on real life topics and how to encourage others that perhaps might be going through a similar situation. This book has step by step easy to follow guidance if you are looking for change or motivation, this book will definitely help you with that.v
    Yolanda Alvarez
  • Jacqueline Nizza

    This book was a great read. I was definitely able to relate to ...

    This book was a great read. I was definitely able to relate to her points and I recommend this book to anyone who may feel like they are stuck or they aren't going where they want to go in life. This book is really inspiring.
    Jacqueline Nizza
  • Juan

    In this book I have learned that you have to ...

    In this book I have learned that you have to take off the ball and chain that holds your back from being successful in life. You can't be a government parasite, what I mean is don't take handouts or stay in the welfare system forever. Professor Wiggins teaches us to be strong, positive and not to depend on somebody else, open your own business and be your boss.
  • Carmen Berry

    For any woman who has ever struggled financially

    I recommend this book for anyone who has ever struggled financially, who has felt discouraged and overwhelmed. Elease Wiggins shares from her heart and her own story, giving practical steps that anyone can take who is determined to have a better life for herself and her children. You will laugh and be joyfully encouraged by this marvelous book. Read it for yourself and then get several copies to pass on to others. Take copies to your church or temple or women's group as a way to support the many women in our society who earn less and struggle in our difficult economy. If there were six stars, I'd give it a 6!
    Carmen Berry
  • Brittany

    This may change your life

    After reading this book I immediately felt inspired. A lot things her mantras and idea of "speaking things into existence" reminded me so much of my mother. I think it's an important read, not just for mothers who are trying to gain control of their life, but for anyone seeking motivation. Elsease has been a greater help to me and my situation than she could imagine. I would encourage anyone to read this book, if you're feeling demotivated, you have goals but haven't acted on them, going through a bad relationship ... Etc, this book will help you. I even brought if for my mom. This book will change your life from the moment you open it.
  • lynne
    Its no surprise that this book has a five star rating. It really addresses the courage that it takes to leave behind that secure financial crutch in order to rise to a higher plane. I also like that all the advice is practical and achievable by anyone. Welfare offices should be ordering this book in bulk!
  • Philbert Gorrick
    What an intriguing story of survival, effort, and faith. I had the good fortune of meeting with the author of this greatly inspiring book; An inspirational person that keeps it very real. Please read and enjoy trip this book will take you on. Highly recommended.
    Philbert Gorrick
  • 	Diana Garcia
    This book was a real page turner. You don't have to be on welfare or have low self esteem to read this book. The book is motivational, informative and most of all spiritual healing. I am very lucky to have this book in hand because I can always go back to it when I need the help of a motivational read. This book can help guide anyone looking to help a friend, someone they know, or themselves. To improve they're life style either if they're living in poverty, struggling, or are fine but want a fitter future.
    Diana Garcia