What makes waiting so difficult?

From Humiliation To Healing
October 23, 2021

What makes waiting so difficult? Adverse conditions can make waiting seem as if what you are doing is not working or a waste of time. It appears as if what you are hoping for will not materialize. It makes life seem like a punishment. But it is not; it’s character development.

How do you respond when you focus on improving your life while circumstances reflect the opposite? What happens when a professional listens to and encourages others, while their personal life is full of chaos and conflict?

In my counseling psychology studies, I learned that it is not the trauma alone that impacts suffering but also the support one receives. I believe God is the creator and has complete control over all things.

As a woman of faith, I can admit that I also become discouraged when things don’t happen my way or right away.However, having a relationship with God reminds me that, no matter how deceiving circumstances seem,I have a vindicator, a protector, a friend, and a comforter in my midst.

When you place your trust (waiting and working) in God, you will have the assurance that you are not going through your difficulties alone.

Are you losing hope? Here are five tips that may help in your time of waiting

  1. Start with the end in mind –Be clear about what you expect.
  2. Daily Writing – Write your ambitions every day while thanking God for already accomplishing them. This technique keeps you focused and in a constant state of gratitude.
  3. Healthy Support – Enlist an Accountability Partner (AP). You and your AP will support each other in staying on track. Your AP can also be your children (mine are).
  4. Educate Yourself- Listen to audios, watch programs, and read material daily concerning the industry. The stories will give you the determination to continue believing when circumstances appear bleak.
  5. Have Fun While Waiting- If you look at waiting time as dreadful, you will become discouraged. The same way you schedule meetings, schedule ladies’ night.

To you reading this to the end, I touch and agree with you that you will have an exciting and successful encounter shortly after reading this. I would love to hear about it. I invite you to share to encourage others.

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Your life is a gift, so cherish it!



Elease A. Wiggins
Mental Health Coach

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