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July 19, 2020
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July 25, 2021

It has been almost two years of pandemic parenting, an all-consuming, ever-changing pandemonium that has put American families through their paces in ways they had never experienced before.

Schools shuttered for a while, then reopened before closing again. Playdates were fewer and more complicated due to the introduction of new regulations. Working parents often complete their duties without the assistance of a child care provider.

In contrast, parents of teenagers tried their best to protect their children from a slew of losses, including friends, sports, proms, and graduations. COVID-19 compounded existing challenges for many low-income families, and toxic stress was passed down from parent to children due to the epidemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in March 2020, produced one of our generation’s most unprecedented health and economic crises. Due to the pandemic, the already tricky experiences of student-parents have been made much more challenging to cope with.

Recent research has shown that psychological stress caused by the pandemic may significantly impair students’ and parents’ capacity to deal with their learning and fulfillment of course requirements, resulting in a cycle of academic stress that continues.

Single women who are student-parents may have more difficulties due to these difficulties. According to extensive studies, single moms are more likely to experience psychological problems, such as maternal depression and anxiety, in addition to financial worries.

According to research, these situations may have a negative influence on the everyday lives of single moms and the development of their children.  In addition, student-parents have been forced to balance remote learning for themselves and their children and juggle a slew of other essential obligations due to the unexpected shutdown of schools and daycare facilities due to the unexpected shutdown of schools and day care facilities COVID-19 epidemic.

Numerous instances of people and groups demonstrate how this phenomenon crystallizes in individuals’ and groups’ minds. Examples of resilient individuals include exiles who manage to reach their destination nations and become a part of the most successful people in their respective cultures in the face of countless hazards and difficulties.

Although they have been wounded, they have recovered and returned to society as productive and successful members; This is the essence and distillation of the concept of resilience.

Instructional institutions will benefit from “developing interventions and educational programs that may help foster resilience and effective coping strategies that assist in dealing with stressful situations” during these turbulent and unpredictable times, according to a recent report.

These programs may be designed specifically to assist student-parents. Because of the variety of the student-parent community, recognizing and meeting their fundamental needs will aid educational institutions in promoting diversity, equality, inclusion, and belongingness while also enhancing retention rates in the classroom.

Student-parents may exhibit agility by lobbying administrators for “innovative” online support services if resources and opportunities are not accessible. Such support may be critical in minimizing isolation and loneliness and fostering strength and resilience in student-parents.

It is not simple to “bounce back” from a terrible experience, conquer it, and return to life more robust and wiser, but it is certainly doable. When it comes to changing suffering into good words and acts, agility and resilience are critical attributes to possess. After experiencing the epidemic as a student-parent, I am confident that those who are most directly affected (Such as myself) know how to fix it.

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Elease A. Wiggins
Mental Health Coach

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